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Flickering Issue on Large Geometry

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Hi guys,


So I have a problem with rendering massive geometry (mountain) on my scene. As I set off the render, the object tends to flicker every other frames. I noticed that this is due to scale issue but I don't know how to fix it. 

I tried modifying the houdini unit settings to compensate for this but the problem still persists. I checked shaders, materials, lights and camera but it seems like the sheer size of the object is the main issue. As my camera is reading from an FBX cache, I can't scale the mountain down on its own. I tried putting a null on both the camera and geometry object and scale them down to keep the relative distance between the camera and the object but it still gives me the same result. 


I then tested it on two spheres with different sizes and the problem is also apparent there. Anyone got any ideas on how to tackle this?



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