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Constraint Networks: controlling constraint behavior


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Hi guys,


I decided it was time for me to learn how to properly use constraint networks and I'm wondering if anyone has any pointers. Specifically, how to get constraints in a constraint network to behave like hinge constraints or some other type of constraint other than simple glue.


I am using H13 and would like to be able to make constraint networks for RBD packed objects.




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What I do and learned from other people, is to use an attrib wrangle vop to set different type of constraint (glue, spring ...) and apply them inside the dop network using the constraint network.

I'm too interested in creating different constraint, as I'm still learning.


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@wateryfield, I've actually already watched that masterclass and while I found it very helpful I'm still not clear on how to get the effect I'm going for with a constraint network.


@exel, I'll take a look at those example files when I get a chance. Hopefully that will give me the key I need to be able to start experimenting and figure things out.


Thanks for the responses guys

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