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FLIP Viscosity Control

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Hey guys,


Just started learning houdini recently, and i'm quickly realizing how good it is, wich also comes with a ton of questions... ahah

So i started playing around with the FLIP fluids, and after this first test, (

), encountered a problem. I'm driving the viscosity with the color, but it doesn't assume the animation that i have set in the sops into the dops. Or at east i think that that is the problem. just takes whatever it is on the first frame, but doesn't 'play' the animation in color that i have setup
So in basic, would like to know how can i import my sop animated attributes(viscosity driven by color in a vop sop, in this case) into the flip object...

Any ideas?


Thanks a lot



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hey i have read your post and i have tough that would be a nice small learning challenge for me :-)


the main reason that doesn't work is that the values aren't transferd so the flip fluid can't use your data. (spreadsheet is your friend :-)

when you create in the sop object some particles (scatter) add the attributes to the particles and change in the autodopnetwork the flipfluidobject value surface sop => particle field. you will get just in the first frame the values.


for your problem i have made a example i think there is sure a better way because my knowledge is still limited but it will help.

in the example you will see that a volume will transfer the viscosity to the flip fluid in the autodopnetwork.




i just noticed that some text is obsolete. :-)


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Thanks a LOT for the replies!

Been at work, haven't checked the files, but should have a chance to go through both of them tonight. Can't wait to see what kinds of 'wizardry' are u guys up to! Ahah

Again, thanks a lot!!

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Hey guys,


So i went though the scenes last night and managed to get it working!! =D

Should have a few more test up soon...

Mandrake, u're right, spreadsheet is a friend, but still struggling with all my maya vices... ahah

Eetu, you're solution was spot on what i was looking for! Amazing

Just have a few follow up questions, to make sure i understand all that is happening...

So the source POP allows me to control the emitter/object status/animation during simulation, reading and apllying the data!? Does this source principle always works like this in DOPs? I mean, both for fluid, pyro, all of that?

In the case of the source volume, is there a big diferrence between using it to emit on the first frame, or just have the flip object setting that initial frame for you?


Really appreciate u guys taking the time!



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