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Local texture/shader blending


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I made myself a DA dealing with locally morphing geometry based on a distance from a locator. I just used a custom attribute, which value was dependent on a centroid of a locator, then imported this attribute into a VOP SOP and used a little bit of math to get a falloff distribution outwards the locator point, and blend between source and target geometry.

Now, how to do the same for locally blending shaders/ textures ( I am not very experienced at VOP materials)? I cannot import attribute here, from what I see I can get attribute values by referencing a file on disk, not a node directly. How about making a digital asset for locally morphing textures then? Maybe I am looking in a wrong place?


Thanks in advance,


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I inspected UV Texture and UV Position OPs and must say that I still don't know how to use them - documentation is really poor, examples sparse, and some parameters names unclear. Uncle Google was not of much help. Could anyone share an example network / tutorial showing these nodes in action? I remind that I am looking for a way to blend two textures/ shaders on a local basis, based on a distance from a given point.

Thank you in advance

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