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HQueue guide for idiots

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I've had some down time and decided I'd attempt to get HQueue to work on the couple of machines we have here. 




Somehow I can get the Server set up on a machine and the Client on that same machine will register in the web interface but none of the other machines will register. 


All windows 7 machines, all clean installs of HQueue client and Server. 


Can someone make a HQueue setup for idiots? I've read through the official instructions it doesn't really offer anything other than the bare basics of what to install.


Example of my setup now -    

Server-PC running server and a client, client works fine it seems. Port 5000

Slave01-PC   running just the client, and installed and pointed to  "Server-PC" in the ini. 


What am I doing wrong? Is there anything else I HAVE to have installed? Am I missing a step? The guide makes it seem as though that's all I need to do. 


Both systems have working versions of Houdini on them already. 


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Ok. Now I feel even worse. 


For anybody encountering these same issues. 




So simple, flicking the switch on the firewall for the server seemed to fix all my issues. All the clients register now, humming along happily. 


. . . now to go and purchase a new dunce cap for myself. 

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Ah, I understand now. There's a completely separate set of documentation for Hqueue. If you're in Houdini itself and click Help --> Contents, you're unnable to search through Hqueue help.


Yes, I noticed this myself, a while back when I was trying to install HQueue.  SESI should do a once-over on all the HQueue documentation and links, I think. 

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