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Unofficial Challenge: Boxified images

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thanks edward :) ...for your reply and link!!!  And yes I think peter claes describe the right way here: http://www.peterclaes.be/blog/?p=34

BUT i am lazy guy, and this instance hell is lot of work....since i have to write out all my basis object with all the variations...then i have to rebuild my copysop with all this instance() expressions...and delayed loader

...and I thought thats packed primitve option do it all for me :(  Iam looking for one-button solution, hehe :P

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@Jason: what do you mean with CUSTOM bokeh? you mean distortion map ?

i am not happy with the bokeh effect at my rock_foram version. its 2d-Dof and locks a to brittle

for me its really hard to setup dof with mantra regarding render time...i have to raise a lot the pixelfilter to get rid of the noise. (with no dof 4x4 is working, but with strong dof i have to 10x10 or higher to get rid of noise)

from the artistic POV i prefer post-dof. mostly i like to paint my Z-depth-greyscale with hand to have nice controll over compositing. indeed the dof quality lacks in comparision to render DOF.


yesterday had an accident with my friend mandril...the remesher sop produceing some nice effect;  like "undersampling" the pixel of the image...you have to zoom in (100%)

100 primitves (box->sphere stamped blendshape ) on 1.2 mio points...no packed prim/soup but delayed loader(shop) render on my laptop... no beauty but i really like the (atomic-like) structure



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I am doing a school assignment and my instructor point me to this interesting challenge. Just want to add my part of fun.


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My 5 cents to this topic.

Mantra's true displacement allows creating this from single plane without any copies or instances. All bars are generated at shading time by quantizing UV on desired size squares and displacing all of them by an amount read from texture.


Here is scene file





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