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I'm looking at alternative techniques for doing plastic deformation in Rbds. 


Is it possible to freeze the cone twist constraint to prevent it from springing back to the original position.


As in the picture I want to sim the constrained Geo until it the cone twist reaches a defined angle and then freeze the constraint so that it doesn't return the geo to its original state. 


I'm presently trying to do this in a SOP solver but not having great results. Does anybody know of a way to achieve this? 




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Hey Daniel :)

What if you just switch it to a glue constraint? you would just have to change the @constraint_name and have both types connected in the network. I think there is a bullet masterclass example of that when a torque or angle limit has been reached.


Have you tried changing the @max_up_rotation @max_out _rotation attributes to something really small when a limit has been reached?


Alternately you could delete and rebuilt the joints with a extremely small cone radius in the new position/rest length if you still want some movement. That can get tricky though




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Lombardiii! Hey man! Been a while! 


I forgot about that Masterclass example, that's pretty much want I wanted. Going to take it a bit further with some more expressions. 


Seems like a good way to do some simple plastic deformation with a voronoi'd mesh and then using cloth capture to deform the original mesh in SOPs


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction :D   

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No worries man :) Hope it works out.


I've been playing with using the impact data to drive a noise on the new "dented" mesh aswell, using a attribute transfer.

I was thinking in a sop solver, when the joint reaches a threshold to store an attribute on the packprimitives. That way, when you are skinning the geo with the fracture pieces, you can extract the the pieces that have had thier joints modified. Then you have control to  deform just around them. Rather than a radial search from a attribute transfer.

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Use glueconstrailrelationship (Strength: -1) with conetwistrelationship.

You can switch between constrains using sopsolver followed by enablesolver. Inside sopsolver in AttribWrangle:

s@constraint_name = "ConRelGlue";   //Type name of your glue constraint instead of ConRelGlue

Use condition when you want to freeze in enable solver.

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