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Does Houdini have interactive solver playback like Maya?


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This might be a stupid question but is there a mode like in Maya where you turn it on and Maya basically starts playback, which is nothing special but it also allows you to interact with your objects in the scene by moving them, etc where they react based on the dynamics they have attached to them.


So if you have a bunch of objects like a stack and then you have a sphere, you select and move this object towards the stack, it will knock off those objects in the stack as if you animated the sphere to do that.




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Well not really, except for Realtime CHOPs. With Feedback and device input CHOPs, you can do some pretty cool stuff (Midi, Audio In, Mouse, Joystick). Back in '98, Rob (now of Derivative) and I played Pong in Houdini between two networked Indys, in Houdini 3 (I think). And yep, it had sound effects too :) That infrastructure went on to become the basis of Derivative's Touch suite.

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I think you can hit Play and you can still move things around and get some collisions to work, but the timeline will loop and reset things. Also, the fidelity of the collisions will be probably be poor since it no doubt won't calculate the collider's velocity nicely.  I'm not even sure how it should work -- should it step DOPs forward independent of the main timeline? 

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