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fillet in curves


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Hi guys,


Fresh meat here with what is probably a simply question. I'll get to the point:

I want to make these lines, the intersection i mean (disregard the "detail" image. I got it out of my reference material):

I have some lines intersecting and i want to add curves to create the round fillets in between. They don't always intersect at 90 degrees. I tried just slicing up a circle and placing it at the intersection but i was unable to make it work reliably enough.

There must be some easy way to do this. Some node i have forgotten about or never knew in the first place. Maybe copy the lines and convert them to NURBSs? Any suggestions?

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Guys, i started reading the manual top to botton and found a fillet-SOP. I don't see anyone using it, though. It is new? I'll play around with it later but it seems to work for nurbs surfaces only. Thanks for the help so far.

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