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3ds max or switch to houdini fx ??


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hi guys im faouzi junior fx artist from morocco casablanca i work with 3ds max stuff . fumefx - thinking particles - krakatoa - particle flow - rayfire ... 

i have one question for u if it possible .

recently i became interested in houdini fx  i find he is complete software and specially sidefx do a good update on him year after year and i think is easy to learn that software , 

my question is : as junior fx artist did i should continue progressing on 3ds max or switch to houdini fx ? because i see it houdini is the future .

thank you

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I've been using Houdini for the past 10 years, so my answer will be a bit biased towards Houdini. Side Effects has Daily Builds of Houdini. That's something Autodesk doesn't offer. Houdini has everything built in. You do not need to think about plug-ins. Houdini is different than 3ds Max or Maya but I don't think it's hard to learn and Side Effects has improved the docs greatly over the years. You can rent floating network licenses of Houdini. Autodesk does not offer that either.

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when you willed to learn houdini just do it only the you will see whats all about it and what you can do with it.

a lot of people talking about houdini how it's complicated takes long to learn, slow, complex, and so on....  i would say it's a beast and you can take the chance to handle it.... :-) 

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From an efficiency pov , especially if you target commercials / individual projects, i'm not sure you will gain that much.

Very good Max FX artist with their huge bag of pluggins can work very fast / very efficiently with excellent result.


But learning Houdini if you have the time and courrage is definitly a strong choice.

because after you have pass the wall of pain to understand the logic of the tool ( well you never always pass it in reality ... :) ) you will encounter a world where everything work in a logical way ,and where your creativity is never stop by the tool you use. Then working with H will be a pure pleasure ...


An other reason is long term strategy , Good houdini TD are pretty rare and you can ask more buck and look more sexy to HR.

Other benefit is that you can start crusing on Od Force to learn a lot from a very nice community with lot of people sharing technics and tricks.


The way houdini work with node tree, help you to understand very quickly all the logic of an fx , just by reading a hip file.

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The future of 3dsmax is definitely outside of the FX domain, and towards architecture and design. Maya will (try) to take the role of FX in the AD product line.


If you are proficient at all those 3dsmax plug-ins you have absolutely zero excuses: start spending time with Houdini FX asap! You will find yourself deeply immersed in an environment where everything is connected and where there is a strong bond with the geometry (SOPs) and the powerful VEX context will allow you to control everything.

But ultimately what really is amazing in Houdini is that things make sense, so if you can manage to *unlearn* all the nonsense that comes from blackboxed products with abstract UI, ad put your mind to think in a logical and procedural way, then the benefits are unlimited. You will also learn how non-destructive procedures can save your ass in production as well as be reused between jobs.


Have fun with it!

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