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Pass solid color from map into instanced objects


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Im looking for clever method to pass color from one object onto instanced objects. But, I want to pass only solid color...

My friend gave an idea to use foreach. Works perfect for simple boxes but it takes eons of time when I change my instaced "spheres" into real complex model.


Anyone got idea how to pass or convert that color data?











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Notice the Use Template Attrs is ticked on on the Copy SOP


edit; Actually is that what you're looking for or do you want the entire texture to be mapped to every single piece of geo ? I'm sorry, I guess I'm just confused ?


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Thanks for quick replay. I think your setup works fine so far.  Thanks for it.

All I wanted is to pass the color information onto my instanced object but I dont want any color variation on my object just constant color.

When You look closer on my attached image from post 1 you'll see that some of the spheres got "gradient" solor. I want to get rid of that. I want them to inherit just single/constant color.


Sorry for my awkward explanation ;)




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Hey Adam, looks like the file from George is doing what you need.  Each points transfers a color to each sphere, so there's no variation of color on the vertices/faces on those spheres.

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