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How to drive shader at specific animated colored portion

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Hello everybody,
This is regarding a project I am working on currently.
I want to apply material shader with displacement on red portion while the grey areas will have a constant shader. Trick is red portion is animated and moving from point 1 to 2. How to use this red color value to drive my shader from point 1 to 2. Any help is appreciated. Its kind of urgent and I am stuck badly here.
Thanks in advance.


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If your area is moving slowly and/or you want to have a crossfade zone between the materials, you will be better off using one material and e.g. overriding the parameters with point attributes.

If you really want to have two different materials, you can separate the areas into two groups, and assign different materials with a Material SOP.


Bumping your own post after 30 minutes, while there have been no other new messages to the whole forum in between? Have some patience, please :)

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Hi eetu,

Sorry for bump. Its kind of an urgent project that needs to be delivered tommorow night.
Regarding your suggestion, I followed same but deleted the geometry with no color and assigned new material and another displaced shader for colored portion. Looks good till now.

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