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Vine Around Trunk?


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Hi All,


I am trying to recreate Rohan Dalvi's vine around trunk in his POWER PLANT scene.



He explains some of the steps, but there are enough gaps that I am still lost as to how to proceed. Basically I have two  lines that taper and are polywired. He mentions that he used a WireDeform to wrap the vines around the trunk.


What are the steps to use the wire deform? The help states that it is used in concert with the WireCapture but I can't figure out how to set anything up?


Can someone look at my scene and offer some steps to wrap the vine line around the trunk line?





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@eetu: Thanks for the example file, that shows me how to setup the wire capture and wire deform.


However, I still don't have the look I am going for. In your example file you have added a third line to my initial scene. I want the vine line to wrap around the trunk line but I am not seeing that. I do see that both lines are deforming to the third line added. When I try to swap my trunk for the third line, I get no vine at all...


Do I need three lines to use a wirecapture/deform setup? Also, why are some of the node connection dotted lines and others are solid. Does that indicate errors or mis-connection types?




@gaurav: Thanks for the file, but that is too complicated for me at this time. I can't even locate a WireCapture anywhere in that file?

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I am playing around with eetu's solution which is close, but I don't want to include a third curve. I want everything to be based off the trunk and the vine. That way if those curves change, the final output will as well.


However, my in my re-work of the Wire Deform I feel I have broken the system. Can someone take a look at my setup and tell me how to get a better look?



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You can always drop a Polyframe SOP to add the curve's tangent as a normal, cross that with a 0,1,0 vector to get a vector pointing towards the 'inside' of the curve and use an intersect to move the points to your trunk's geometry. I'm not entirely certain what you're after and I'm in no way knowledgeable of plants but maybe doing that and then messing with the L-System would give you nice results ?


btw, http://ivy-generator.com/

I think it's worth mentioning this awesome little program

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@Georgie: Thanks for the link, I have used the ivy generator before. I would like to keep generation inside of Houdini this time around.


@Michael, thanks for the link, that is interesting but it has too many gaps for me to fill in, kind of like Rohan Dalvi's original tutorial I mention in post #1. I would loved to see Andy's tutorial as a working file, however.

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