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pasting OP for realistic head modelling


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I wonder if anybody uses NURBS for complex organic modelling? I came across Paste SOP and it seems to me rather interesting and promising at least on simple surfaces I tried when experimenting. I wonder if anybody used it for creating head for instance? How are these pasted surfaces textured?

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I've never used it in production. I stick to polys and render as subDs. I think MonsterByMistake used pasted surfaces, maybe?. No offence to the crew at Sesi, but I've been burned by using NURBS in the past. Somethings aren't as clean as you would like them to be, especially tolerence settings when extracting profiles on deforming geometry. It could be completely different now. Heck I once help build a character for a movie where the entire sub structure was comprised from mesh objects, which we crept other surfaces ontop of just to make a finished poly model. All procedurally built on the fly.

I'd say try it. Bang away at the tools and let Sesi know about it on there forum. Things will get fixed and everyone will benefit from it. They have some benefits already. Speed while deforming, and being a parameterized surface you get better results from the rayIntersection code for collisons and inflates.


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The good thing about SESI's NURBS is that they're pretty powerful. The bad thing about them is that they haven't been updated since v3 (or v4). So they're really powerful by 1999 standards ^_^ , meaning that you're much better off using Subd to get a good model out.

I tried in vain to model a full human in NURBS with Houdini, and initially it seems like its a good thing, but its missing some tools which would help alot eg. a tool to match tangency between patches (to get a seamless edge) etc.

So it is possible, its just a pain. And if you start throwing multiple trims into the mix too, then the model starts to get a little sluggish.

Admittedly, I haven't tried to make one in 5 years, so the hardware is a lot better now....


P.S. I agree with all of Ken's comments too.

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Thank you for the comments. I use the workflow with poly/subds most often and I noticed that it is the same in Houdini as in the other packages. In this case there is little use of Houdini's proceduralism. Correct me if I'm wrong (I remember this topic discussed in general Houdini forum). I would just like to make use of the Houdini's flexibility in such kind of tasks as human modelling.

Well, I think I should try NURBS when I get some free time.

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One might also be able to make procedural models with polygons as well. The only non-procedural part are the Edit SOPs, which can be procedural if you substitute in the Transform SOP instead. Also, judicious use of Group SOPs will go a long way.

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