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scale in houdini 1m = 1 unit?

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we know that 1 unit in houdini is 1m .. is it really?


Thought I just test it:

Placed a cube 10 units in Y above the grid, RBD-object, gravity 9.8 .. uups, takes 35 frames to hit the ground.


according to physics:

g = 9.81 m/s^2

v= s/t

a= v/t -> a = s/t^2

t = sqroot(s/a) = sqroot(10m/9.81m/s^2)

t = ~1s = 24 frames .. not 35 !!


whats wrong ?


placing the cube 5 units in Y it needs exactly 24 frames to hit the ground by the way

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I'm guessing your object is perfectly static at the start, in other words you need to calculate for the acceleration as well.


Instead, disabling gravity and setting the cubes initial velocity to -9.80665 in Y makes it hit the ground at approximately the 25 frame-mark (if your scene is set to 25 FPS).

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well, since equation for free fall with initial 0 velocity is

d = 1/2gt2


t = sqrt(2d/g)


t = sqrt(20/9.80665) = 1.42809s = 34.2741 frames (for 24fps)


which seems to check out, considering that you probably start at f = 1

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