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8152: Fatal error: Segmentation fault

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Hey there everyone, I'm having this annoying error, every time I start simulation at a high resolution, around frame 5 the computer crashes with this error 8152: Fatal error: Segmentation fault.


Houdini Apprentice

Windows 10 64bit

AMD FX 9590


AMD R9 290X 8GB


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Yep, Houdini does that. It crashes, and quite often. There are a few things you can check, however.


Lower your cache memory setting, it looks like you have bumped it up from the default of 5Gb to 31GB. This means you are instructing Houdini to use almost all the memory on your system for the cache. What is it going to use for the other portions of it's processing? Most programs crash when they run out of memory, not just Houdini. Right-Click on the label and restore that field to the default or type 5000.


Raise the particle separation value in the AutoDop network. We all want incredibly rich looking simulations but there are practical limits to what any given hardware can process. Start at 0.15 and work your way down to a lower value.


Q1: Are you overclocking your system? If so, did it pass the 2 hour Prime95 test?

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On 13.08.2015 at 2:44 PM, Skybar said:

You are probably running out of RAM, yes. Turn off 'cache simulation' on your dopnet and write out the particles directly to disk instead.

I have same issue with sim, I'm trying turn off cache but problem not solve, any additional sugestions?

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