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Scene scale (import/export) and simulations

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This might be such a simple question/answer... I'm have animation, done in Maya and the scene scale was set to centimeters. I exported it as an alembic and imported it into Houdini. Now it's massive (or at least in relation to the grid) and I've got to add some effects to it (more specifically, the flat tank for), the trick is that I have to convert the particles/fluid to geometry and export it back to Maya to fit with the rest of the shaders and rendering. Would it be best if I just scale the alembic uniformly down in Houdini and work off of that? (I have parented it to a null and scaled the null to 0.01 and still got kinda weird results).


Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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If you are doing a fluid sim, however, you want to keep that at the correct scale for the final scene measurements. I would not arbitrarily scale something down to fit the grid unless the measurements match. Scale everything else around the desired fluid sim size.

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Shot for the feedback,


After I imported my alembic into Houdini (a basic segway model), I parented it to a null and scaled the null to 0.01 (the main reason for this number is that I am using that scale in Realflow as well for this project as well, I realize now how arbitrary it must sound =/). I should note that the animation on the segway on its 0.01 scale moves approximately 7 units every frame. To try and keep the effect that I want as simple as possible I parented a sphere to the segway's wheel (so using the sphere as the source rather than the alembic). I then selected the flat tank shelf tool and applied it to my moving sphere. The effect that I'm looking for, in this case with the whitewater_import are splashes emitting from the sides of the segway as if it's riding through water/paint. Like a car driving through rainwater and the water on the sides of the wheels spray particles.


I realize though that this might not even be the best solution to the problem that I'm facing, but as a fairly newcomer to Houdini, this is the approached I started.




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