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Hqueue - Simulation and Rendering

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I know this has been asked a few times already but i've not found a very conclusive answer..


At work we currently have one Houdini FX license (locked to my machine) and we would like to test out using some of the other machines for rendering and simulation in the most cost efficient manner.


Am I right in thinking we can use my machine as a workstation license and also as the Hqueue server machine?

And then we would need Houdini Engine licenses for the render farm machines for rendering and simulation? 

But the Houdini Engine plugin that comes with Maya is not the same as a Houdini Engine license?

And we already have unlimited mantra nodes that came with my FX license so we can just install them on the render farm machines?


Is that correct? Have I missed anything??




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Yes, the machine running Houdini FX can be the HQueue server using that same license. The extra Houdini Engine license would be needed for simulations but not for rendering since Mantra licenses are included with the Houdini FX product you already have. The Houdini Engine license covers both using the Houdini Engine plugins on other machines and batch processing on a farm. I suggest putting all of the Mantra licenses on the machine with Houdini FX and then point the license server for each of the render nodes to that machine. It's a lot easier to manage licenses when they are centralized versus one on each machine.

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Thanks for your reply. Sorry for being slow, but would I need one Houdini Engine license per machine that I want to use for simulation on the farm? Or would the Houdini Engine license be installed on my machine with Houdini FX and the client machines would all reference that?

If I install all the mantra licenses on my machine with Houdini FX (which makes sense) do I not need Houdini installed on the client machines?

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The Houdini Engine license would be needed for each concurrent simulation on the farm. So if you run five simulations concurrently on five different machines you'd need five licenses of Houdini Engine. Regardless of where the licenses are hosted the clients still need to have at least one version of Houdini installed so they have the license server installed (which talks to the license server that's actually hosting the licenses). From there jobs can use the local Houdini install or a shared network install of Houdini.

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