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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to distributed sparse pyro simulation. You can easily distribute with legacy pyro by distributing the container by slicing. I mean yeah... there is a predefined container that gets sliced in legacy but sparse create bounds on demand that is why it can't distribute in sparse since there is no predefined container(bounds). But has someone cracked this...? Simulation sparse on multiple machines
  2. I'd watched the video showcasing distributed particle sims, but only recently it occurred to me that this technique only applies to DOPs? Am I correct in saying that there is no general solution to distribute SOP cooks? For example, slicing and aggregating (map-reducing) VDB clouds or any VEX snippets on large meshes?
  3. is pyro distributed work with checkpoint ? i have 2 slice,output the .sim file with $SLICE variable work ,but when i try to resume the sim with this .sim file it will stuck. what i doing wrong?
  4. Hi magicians I am new there and need help about distributed simulation pyrofx (huge size tornado) i want to simulate by deadline on farm, how it is possible ?? or is there any other way for this?
  5. Hi, I am currently trying to use mantra in distributed rendering mode. (mantra -H machine1,machine2) It all works as expected, but as soon as I connect something into a cached shader (for example a constant into the principled shader), the error “No Code Generator Available for opshader_path_xyz” pops up and it doesn't render at all anymore. It also happens with custom cached shader assets. All works well in non distributed rendering mode. If I unlock the asset, then it seems to work again since the asset is then "in the file", but this is unfortunately not useful in production. Additional Info: I am using windows and the “Force VEX Shader Embedding” checkbox is on. Has anyone experienced this error before? If no I'll submit a bug report. Cheers, Luca
  6. Hello Everyone, I am wondering can some one explain the details of a clustered simulation. I was wondering when I saw the clustering simulation why the individual clusters can't be saved as a scene and have it run on multiple computers since it would work on a renderfarm. So I'm wondering how the actual process works does the simulation have to work simultaneously where each cluster is still somehow referring to each other for calculations.
  7. Hi,when I submit ,my job on client it fails every time with this message,"The network name cannot be found",or "The system cannot find the path specified".Does anyone had same problem?Thanks.
  8. Hello. Is it possible to setup a distributed sim of a river that is coming down some kind of slope? Every example I can find takes some kind of already filled tank and goes from there. In the help there's even a note saying "this option is not needed for flowing rivers" (which might be refering specifically to the distributing pressure setup, but I'm not sure), but why is that? From my limited testing with the tank-like setup distributing the sim seems to speed it up considerably Thanks
  9. Hi. I'm setting up distributed simulations on a small farm with tractor. It all seems to work ok, simtracker gets started, the slices are started, synced and doing their job. I also can measure expected time-benefits when simulating on 2 or 4 machines .. BUT .. I can see barely any benefits in memory usage, whether I am doing flip (with pressure solve) or pyro .. It all takes up the same amount of RAM, no matter if I simulate single, on 2 machines or more. Maybe 1-2GB benefit on a 30GB flip sim. Is that expected? I can see that the flip points are half the amount per slice (when distributed on 2 machines), the volumes are half the voxels etc. .. but it still takes the same amount of RAM - which makes the whole point of distributing a bit meaningless. What is wrong here? Did I forget something? The only thing I added in dops (besides the slicing plane) is the gasnetsliceexchange as well as setting the address etc. in distribution tab of course .. as mentioned it seems to work fine (according to simtracker.py). does anybody noticed similar behaviors?
  10. I know this has been asked a few times already but i've not found a very conclusive answer.. At work we currently have one Houdini FX license (locked to my machine) and we would like to test out using some of the other machines for rendering and simulation in the most cost efficient manner. Am I right in thinking we can use my machine as a workstation license and also as the Hqueue server machine? And then we would need Houdini Engine licenses for the render farm machines for rendering and simulation? But the Houdini Engine plugin that comes with Maya is not the same as a Houdini Engine license? And we already have unlimited mantra nodes that came with my FX license so we can just install them on the render farm machines? Is that correct? Have I missed anything?? Cheers
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