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Vex - matching target position in DOPs


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I am trying to dive into VEX. And I made up a little assigment for myself - do an assemble effect in DOPs.

However when matching target position and orientation there is a slight offset occuring in orientation. (img_1)

But if I do this position and orientation adjusting (same method) based on simpler rule (frame number) it works as expected. (img_2)


Could somebody look into this file and check what may cause this problem?







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matching transforms is not enough, you need to match pivots as well

so just insert this code somewhere after you populate align variable

vector pivot = primintrinsic(0, "pivot", @primnum);
vector pivottgt = primintrinsic(1, "pivot", @primnum);
pivot = lerp(pivot, pivottgt, align);
setprimintrinsic(0, "pivot", @primnum, pivot);
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Now it works, thank you.


However I am not sure I understand this pivot thing. How is intrinsic "packedfulltransform" computed? Is it computed by attribute @P, "transform" intrinsic and "pivot" intrinsic? What role does "pivot" intrinsic play in bullet sim? And why is it changing during simulation? Isn't pivot of transformation encoded into "transform" intrinsic matrix?

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