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Found 11 results

  1. I'm accustomed to adding additional detail to smoke using the Pyro Shader by creating dual rest attributes and using those to generate Noise with the shader. It seems though when I adjust the Scale Time on the DOP Network node, something becomes off. In my attached video, you can see that the Noise of the Pyro Shader is causing a popping every 30 frames. I'm not sure how to resolve this issue and any tips would be much appreciated. Thank you. smokeTest_001.mov SOLVED: simply use the pyro solver's time scale instead of the DOP's
  2. Hi, i have a dubt. In the Solver node, there is "Prev_frame" that keeps track of where the object was in previous frame. It's possible to change frame by frame the position in "Prev_frame" using a pointVOP inside the solver? Thanks.
  3. Hi family i have a geometry that went through a simulation, now in sops i have point position data, how is it possible to export an array of the position data across all frames of a desired point?
  4. Audio affecting particle position

    Hey all I'm quite new to houdini so please bare with me. Is there a way to use an audio output from chops to change the position of a particles? Can I do that by using a pop vop? If so, how can I import my chops output in there and add it to the position of my particles? Is there maybe a better solution for that? Thank you!
  5. Hi! I want to attach a geometry (some voronoi fragments in this case) to a moving/deformed mesh, i.e. I want to deform my base mesh freely and the voronoi fragments follow the deformations (Position and rotation or normals directions) without stretch it. I already try it with Point Vop but, how can I send the information of N directions to each voronoi fragment? If I send it with Cd looks like this: I animated the geometry with a mix and a group generated with color. I hope that someone know how to do this. Your feedback is welcomed and thanks so much!! Constraint Obj Test 01.hipnc
  6. Hey guys, first post here. I'm extremely noob at Houdini and I've got a very basic question. I've got a particle system going, and after the POPs system in the Source Particles SOP it creates, I'm trying to use the Y position of each particle to drive a Blend Sequence that is copied onto the particles with a Copy SOP. What I haven't been able to find is how to query the Y position of my particles. I can find their positions with the Geometry Spreadsheet, but the name of the attribute it gives me is "P[y]", and typing that into an expression doesn't seem to work. I had thought it might be "@P.y" but that errors out as well. I think one of the problems is that I'm not telling Houdini WHAT to find the Y position of. But again, not sure how to find that. I've googled and did a cursory search of the forums here but all the posts I've found are way more advanced than this simple thing I'm trying to find Can you fine gentlemen/ladies point me in the right direction to find how to query this sort of basic data? wk2_copy.hipnc
  7. Hi I am trying to dive into VEX. And I made up a little assigment for myself - do an assemble effect in DOPs. However when matching target position and orientation there is a slight offset occuring in orientation. (img_1) But if I do this position and orientation adjusting (same method) based on simpler rule (frame number) it works as expected. (img_2) Could somebody look into this file and check what may cause this problem? Thanks, Juraj project.hipnc
  8. Hi guys, I've hit a bit of a wall in the new version of POPs. I have a deforming mesh (skinned character), which I have scattered points on. What I'm trying to achieve is a set of particles that are essentially locked onto their source point until a certain time or proximity from some sort of gizmo, and then morph to the position of another set of points. I have been able to achieve this in the old version of POPs using a position node, but it's rather slow. However I can't seem to figure out how to achieve the same thing in the DOP version of POPS. Any help would be great appreciated. Thanks
  9. How would you extract the position of an object animated on a curve? I'm trying to make my animation more procedural and easily alterable in future, so a curve for a path seems sensible (?) - but when I pair that in the geometry sop it doesn't actually update the geos translate position, meaningI have nothing to work with. I've tried inspecting in the details view too and there's nothing there so I'm assuming I have to create the attributes myself but where would I get the actual position from if the geo isn't being translated?
  10. Hi guys, I've been trying to put together a fake-peach-fuzz shader. I'm mostly after the way peach fuzz gets backlit, with the light wrapping around the surface. But i'm banging my head against the wall (and my desk, and my keyboard) with it. Has anyone ever tried this? The idea I've got is that if I look up the lighting/shadowing info for a point raised slightly above the surface (P + N*dist) then I should get some nice peach fuzz effect as the light would reach areas around the edges of the surface it couldn't usually reach. I've attached a sketch to explain this a bit better. it should work in theory but I can't for the life of me figure out how to apply a shader to a theoretical point above the surface. I thought this would be as simple as changing the P attribute inside the shader, but that doesn't do anything. too obvious maybe I've tried doing this as a two-step process, manually creating points floating above the surface and baking them to a .pc using pcwrite inside the shader, then transferring that color back to the points in SOPs. that's a lot easier but I'd love to get this working in a single shader for learning's sake. the help file unfortunately is rather quiet on the subject. I'd be grateful if anyone has got any suggestions. thanks Nils
  11. Identifying the same point attribute

    Hi, how would you identify points which share the same position (or vector/attribute) and group/tag them? There is no specific amount of points sharing the same position, could be any. Thanks