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Found 9 results

  1. A quick Houdini smoke simulation done in a day. This was done by using the gas target force microsolver. Hip file attached - feel free to take a look! Cheers, Mark run_smoke_v002.hipnc
  2. Hey, Is there a way to constrain vellum to deform animation and then lose it over time? I'm trying to animate the "breaking threshold" inside the vellum constraints after setting the constraint type to "Pin to Target" but it doesn't seem to be doing anything?
  3. Hi, In the past, I have worked with cloth and grains. I could get a result by mixing animation and simulation together by using the targetP attribute. Does regular Pops not have the targetP attribute? I don't like the results I am getting from pop steer seek or particle attract. I included a scene where I am forcing the position to update. The problem is I don't want to update attribute P, I want targetP. Maybe I can get a target P from rest position? Any help would be appreciated. edit: I can do the morphing after dops, but it would be nice to have it as a force : ) Thanks test_particles.hip
  4. Hey, how would you go about transporming the target geo in something different without having the grain solver go crazy? So not just a transform, shuld be a different kind of geo. Also with intact constraints.
  5. Hello, I'm learning Houdini Crowds and I think I've gotten the general basics down. Now, I'd like to try and simulate a small battle scene, with 2 separate groups on opposite ends of the scene run together and clash in the middle. I know it must be simple, but I can't figure out how to have 2 separate groups (made up of multiple agents) use each other as a goal and run towards each other. I've tried playing around with target position, but it seems to only allow a single goal rather than allowing one group to use another as a goal and vice versa. Is there a simple workflow for this? Thank you for your time.
  6. Hi, I'm trying to achieve what you can see in this video at 55:50 https://vimeo.com/86125312 I'm doing exactly what he does but I cant manage to get my animation. Here is a very simple Hip file . Do you know what I'm missing? Thanks ! FEM_targetGeometry.hip
  7. Hi I am trying to dive into VEX. And I made up a little assigment for myself - do an assemble effect in DOPs. However when matching target position and orientation there is a slight offset occuring in orientation. (img_1) But if I do this position and orientation adjusting (same method) based on simpler rule (frame number) it works as expected. (img_2) Could somebody look into this file and check what may cause this problem? Thanks, Juraj project.hipnc
  8. Genius Houdini Community! I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around something so I thought it best to ask the experts out there. We're about to do a project where a rigid object ( like a box or a tea kettle ) is floating weightlessly in a room. It is being blown around by wind and bumping into objects as it goes. What we would like to do is loosely keyframe the object for basic choreography and timing but have the dynamic object "follow" it, like a target. This way you get the benefit of having keyframed motion influencing the dynamics. Would a sop solver be the right way to go here? Field force? It's been a while since I used dops so any advice or examples would be appreciated. I'm sure there's an elegant solution out there but I'm just not able to think of it. Thanks very much!
  9. Greetings to the greatest 3D community! I'd like to introduce you my new digital asset "RampBlend". The idea behind “RampBlend” is to help character riggers and animators get rid of complex muscle-systems which are often too slow, troublesome and tedious to set up. It was specifically created with the concept of “corrective blend shapes” in mind, where changes to the Blend factor trigger sequential morph targets. I'd like to thank this community and Mangi who kindly shared the base scene for my tests. Any comments or suggestions to help improve this asset are more than welcomed. You can download "RampBlend" at this url: http://www.orbolt.co.../ik_::RampBlend Introductory video (vimeo HD720): http://vimeo.com/74942919 Introductory video (Youtube HD1080):
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