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Underwater Effect

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I have done something simillar recently. I used houdini ocean nodes to bake cusp texture to EXRs. Then used it in Nuke as projection + volume rays. It's quite a fake but it is fast and you avoid heavy rendering.



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You can do this inside of Houdini by using a spotlight with a gobo (i.e. COP texture supplied to the project map) then shine that light through a lit fog volume. Render time is slow as molasses but if you enjoy watching paint dry give this technique a try.
You can animate the pattern in COPs and the render should reflect this like moving waves from above.
The recipe is this...

Add an Atmosphere node at OBJ level.
Set it's material to a fog light (v_foglight)
Add a light to the scene and point it at some geometry.
On the Atmosphere node under the Render tab set the light mask to the light you added.
Tweak the volume fog material to match your scene, as the help states, this is dependent upon your scene scale.



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