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[help]generating small debris without fracturing

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I am working on a scene in 3dsmax and it requires a shot very close to the floor and I was wondering if there is a way to generate small debris without having to fracture a bigger object.  I just want to generate small debirs and maybe scatter it around and then export it out to my 3d package.

Any way to do this?


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You can just fracture a simple object, say a cube or sphere to generate "shards" or "debris" items. Then use a scatter on a plane to scatter those debris elements around your scene. Remember to activate piece naming on the Vornoi Fracture node so you have a way to reference each debris element later on during the scattering process.

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depending on the level of details you need on those debris, you could generate a bunch of them "manually" and scatter them around, but I wondering why you'd switch to houdini for that when Max can do that very well.

Is it to avoid modeling many different debris? (I guess so)

If so, then atom advise will help you.

(I'm a beginner at Houdini so I understand that sometime step by step explanation is needed, so if you need detailed explanation, I might be able to help you, just ask me)

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