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Dual six core Xeon Processor E5-1650 v3 vs single i7 6950x

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Which would be the better choice

Dual six core Xeon Processor E5-1650's

$1700 CAD for 12 cores at 3.5Ghz (potentially) overclockable Haswell





A single i7 6950x

$2400 CAD for 10 cores also at 3.5Ghz overclockable Broadwell

My understanding is the one major advantage with Xeons you can install more than 1 on a mob.

And if I go Xeon, are there other versions that can be OC'd?


What is a good mob+RAM (2x16gb)choice?


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Neither. The Xeon E5-1600 series is for single socket systems only. The E5-2600 is for dual socket systems. Higher end processors like the i7-6950K represents poor value.

What's the budget and what do you plan to do with the machine and we can make sensible recommendations based on that information.

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i bought month ago the 6950x. its running like hell. really! i overclocking it  easily to 4 ghz. for me it is worth the money. i think its the best compromise between amount of core and single thread perfomance.

and whats astonish how much nodes are multitreaded right now. its not only rendering, but the daily workflow becomes really fast.  i.e. flip or pyro (with no collision geo) using all the 40 ghz :D

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