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Linux Mint 18 - Crash on wake


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Hey all,

I've recently installed Linux Mint 18 on to a dual boot on my laptop.  I've been running houdini on windows 7 for a while without any problems. On Linux, however, I'm finding that Houdini will crash immediately I wake the laptop from sleeping (i.e. lift the lid up). Any ideas?

Houdini 15.5 Apprecntice


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On Linux, the Nvidia driver has no way of notifying the application that a suspend/resume cycle has nuked various GL objects. We attempt to do a test for this in Houdini when a redraw hasn't occurred in a while, and while the test did seem to work for some earlier driver versions and Linux distributions, it's not a sure thing.

Nvidia has recognized this issue and added a GL_NV_robustness_video_memory_purge extension, but I've yet to see that pop up in a driver. Once it does I will see if it can be integrated into Houdini.

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