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Liquid "Terminator"


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Everybody remember that guy who could liquify himself right?

I need to create similar effect.

I want to form a word from a puddle of liquid metal but I have absolutely no idea how to upproach this.

I would be really greatful if someone could give me some tips on how I can do that!!!

Thank you!

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eerm... Let me give it a try at 2:45pm today in class.

I am *guessing* that you'd probably have to convert your metaball to polygon first, and then use Cookie SOP (isn't that a funny name?? :D) to cut the edges out. Or may be even dealing with creasing as another way??

Anyone else have any other ideas to throw around?

Funny how a lot of stuff that seems like a piece of cake to do can easily turned out to be a nightmare in the vfx world.

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looks cool!

reminded me of a recent post to the houdini list where people were after similar effects for clouds, and ended up having "jitter" in the metaball subdivision (the subdivided mesh won't stay consistent from frame to frame...)

I see you have the same problem......it's kinda hard to solve...

still cool though ;)...

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