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Creating Steam Train Effect with Pyro


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Hey guys, I'm trying to create the effect of the steam clouds coming out from a train's pipe. I've made a simple animation for the train using some boxes and a locomotive model i found online, set up a fluid source and I've got some smoke coming out of the train's pipe. I've also made a VDB for the pipe so the smoke doesn't go through the pipe itself and it just collides with it.

But I just cant seem to get the explosive effect the steam has when it comes out of the pipe and it looks really unrealistic.

I attached the hip file so if you could take a look at it and maybe give me some tips I'd really appreciate it!

I want it to look something like this: 


edit: btw im using pyros because i dont know how to use particles yet :/




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Here is how I would setup the collision portion. Make a unique object to be the emitter and use the smoke stack as the collision object. Trying to emit from the collision object just confuses things. I have also setup the bounding box to track the moving emitter so you don't have to specify a giant bounding volume, which can slow down calculations. Increase the padding if smoke starts to collide with the bounding walls.




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