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Found 4 results

  1. I manage to find a realistic way to position a train properly on a track. (see file attached) Wagon cannot simply be copied on an animated point on a curve as the centre is offset-ed in turns realistically. A path deformer is out of the question because of the deforming geometry This is my solution. 1) I created a 2 point line for each wagon 2) I path deformed the result 3) created a single point for each of those deformed line to copy each wagon onto, with proper vector for the wagon alignement I feel it is very complicated and i am curious for a better solution. If anyone interested to give his input. train_realistic_track.hip
  2. Hey guys, I'm trying to create the effect of the steam clouds coming out from a train's pipe. I've made a simple animation for the train using some boxes and a locomotive model i found online, set up a fluid source and I've got some smoke coming out of the train's pipe. I've also made a VDB for the pipe so the smoke doesn't go through the pipe itself and it just collides with it. But I just cant seem to get the explosive effect the steam has when it comes out of the pipe and it looks really unrealistic. I attached the hip file so if you could take a look at it and maybe give me some tips I'd really appreciate it! I want it to look something like this: edit: btw im using pyros because i dont know how to use particles yet :/ SteamTrain.hip
  3. Hi, I've made a very simple scene to create the steam of a steam train, kind of cowboyish one for a little project. There is one scene where we need it to be in slow mo, like half speed. Beeing very new to houdini I would like to know if my setup is "correct/optimized" or if you have any tips to make it look better maybe, but more importantly what would be a good way to slow down the simulation, I've tested the dopnetwork time scale value but the results are not great with my scene. Thank you very much !
  4. Hey Guys I'm having problems with giving two boxes, with a chain in the middle of them, the same characteristics as a train derailment. A object it hitting the train from the side, so all objects need to interact with one another. Attached is a simple file, if anyone one could help I would really appreciate it. Thanks Guys For_Od_Force.hipnc
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