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[redshift] why is my water not transparent

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Have a simple scene with some splash geometry and a cylinder in the center lit by 2 area lights.

I've increased my Max Trace depth for both Reflection and Refraction in my RS ROP  to 7 each but still it seems my water splash lacks transparency.


Can any Redshift users have a look at the attached .hip and suggest what I am doing wrong?



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For Redshift I always make my materials inside a Redshift_Network. you have yours outside a network. I have never built materials that way. It may work, but building them inside the VOP network certainly works. For glass, water, or see-through materials there is only Refraction/Transmission, set that weight to 1.


Also review your objects. You have a material applied at the OBJ level and then also inside at the SOP level. Just use the inner SOP material for all objects and blank out the material field at the OBJ level.


I have attached my revised version of your ROPNet and SHOPNet, without the geometry. So try dropping those into your scene and see if you get results similar to this image.



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Oh, I do, but inside of the Redshift_Network. I typically connect a rsMaterial to the Surface input of the Redshift_Network. In Blender Cycles terms I would think of that as the closure.

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