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bgeo.sc test mesh renders invisible [Redshift]

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Really perplexed why I can't seem to get my imported bgeo.sc to render.

Could it be the way I am applying my Redshift material?

Just a simple File SOP importing a single bgeo.sc file for a render test.

I think I've applied my Redshift water material correctly but if anyone could have a look it would be greatly appreciated!


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Ok, the issue was I was relying on the refresh button(recycle icon), instead of hitting Render. Seems like a bug to me.
Changes in your network it seems aren't updated in the Render view unless you hit 'Render'. As suggested, a Convert node with All types or Polygon Soup to Polygons was needed.

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Yeah, Redshift is plagued with update issues. I experience them daily in the form of "sticky" material nodes and lagging render views. Some of the time you make a change and Redshift still presents you with an old result. I have completely abandoned using the Renderview with Redshift for this reason. It wastes your time, especially when you are learning this new material system. You think, Ok, I changed my texture but I am still seeing the old texture what did I do wrong? Instead I tear off a small property panel for the ROP and issue IPR renders by clicking the Render button every time. You have to close the IPR window each time you change the frame or you end up looking at old stale data too.

More often then not, if you think you made the correct change to a parameter and Redshift is not showing your result then you are experiencing the bug. Relying only on the IPR gives you a quick fix. Just close it out and popup a new one. This make material development quite slow even though renders are much faster.

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