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Triangle polygon morph animation to fractal


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Hello everybody,

I'm trying to figure out an effect done by Simon Homedal, here are pics of the process, seems to be a subdivided triangular mesh that animates into infinite fractal, could be this done subdivisions, extrusions, blend, for each loops and solver? if so, how can you manage so houdini doesn't crash when getting smaller? putting a end value on the for each node?

I watched Entagma video on fractal and for each divisions, now I'm trying to figure out how to combine all this stuff.

Reference pictures:


Here is the video (second 0:28)


Also Simon kinda explain the method on IAMAG 2016 Class at min 32:20



He said that he uses a polygon, subdivided, and then animate with a blend shape, then build all the stuff from there, the screen record is available at u$d 100 but he only shows 2 quick houdini screens so its kinda expensive for that amount of info in my opinion (althoug the overall talk is great) .

At 34:20 is a similar effect again with a sphere

Any info will be great, in mean time will keep thinking and playing with houdini.




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Hey @bergermon yes! this is exactly the blend stuff I was looking for, thats a bunch of vex :D, I'm analizing it, thanks a lot for this!

edit: started playing with this setup, love it!, endless possibilities, gotta start studying vex! thanks again!

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Hi, I've been looking forward doing the same king of effect... here are some few other examples of what I'm trying to achieve:



I'm really new to Houdini and I've started following some few tutorials by Entagma or the learning paths on SideFx website to get started but anything that could bring me on the track to do this kind of mandalas / fractals / kaleidoscope, any good tutorial (free or not) or advice would be welcome! thanks in advance :) 


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