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replacing rbd fractured objects with transform pieces sop


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Hi, this is not an answer, just a suggestion :) I remember there is a tutorial online on sidefx web page that shows how to transfer low-res to high-res mesh, have you seen it? It might help you do what you want... also, do your low-res high-res models share any common attributes? you would definitely need to move (transform/rotate) the center of mass of each piece, so do they share the same center of mass? can you identify each center of mass? sorry, not an answer, just some quick thoughts :)

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Well after trying different things i could match the position from each piece using packed primitives and the transform pieces sop.

Also, transfering the normals I get some rotation but it does not match the original bgeo sequence.

Maybe it is not the right approach... 

2016-12-15 22_35_22-.png

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28 minutes ago, tamagochy said:

You need transfer names attribute from low res to hi and then use transform pieces.

Well the names are already the same because I've packed the geo before making any transformation.

I need a way to calculate the orient value from normals and position, not sure if it's possible.

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Finally, I've managed to solve the rotation problem using the attribute reorient as it is explained here:



The transform pieces sop now works OK with the orient values. Even though the center of each piece replaced, differs a little compared to the low res geometry:2016-12-16 11_30_27-C.png


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