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PC Build for Houdini Dynamics


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Hi everyone ,

When do ı simulate in houdini about pyro,fluid,grain, I disappoited during simulation or at cache time. :/  For this reason , i ask to build pc for houdini dynamics.

But I don't know requirements for system . Processor option may be amd or intel.  Max budget 3000$ 3500$.

In addition ,

System ?



Min Ram?

Min GPU ?

Min Core ? 

be grateful for your helpful. 


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I would go with minimum 32 GB RAM because simulation takes lots of memory

Linux, in my preference, is usually better than Windows (if u set up correctly, removed all GUI junk, just kept it to minimum, you would get the best performance out of your machine, plus you still save memory to be used by Houdini...BUT you gotta know how to install it correctly because you will to install it correctly, deal with all sorts of drivers issues, it's not easy but if you have spare time then you can always find a solution...my advise, if you don't have experience in Linux, then use Windows or Mac)

As per CPU, I don't the current brands, but I would go the highest financially possible processor (is it intel i7 now?), the more cores you have the faster simulation will be because many functions in Houdini are multi-threaded so it can use all your cores. Also, go with higher processor cache

I am not sure about the graphics card, in theory Houdini could benefit from OpenCL acceleration, but I've tested couple times in pyro sim and I have not noticed much difference , if not identical (maybe my driver is not installed correctly?). A good graphics card is still needed because it uses OpenGL to display your scene, I think 4GB RAM is good (minimum) (just a side note: if your computer is only needed for computation then I "think" you just need an okay card...)

A side note: try to save your money, just get what is good for now :) so basically focus on a good processor, bare minimum RAM (i.e. 32 GB) because you might need an extra money to buy other software/plugins needed for your work :)

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0Personal suggestion :

i7 6800k or 2xe5-2620v4 (if you have the budget)

asus x99-a MOBO

corsair vengeance ddr4 2400 mhz 64gb

gtx 1060 or 1070 (if you have budget)

250gb samsung evo ssd

get a decent air cooler like hyperx 212 

 Go for windows if you dont wanna complicate your life else LINUX is ideal and 6 core would be enough for rnd purpose else get dual xeons.

 This system you can build under 2500$.

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