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Hi Guys

I am trying to make bunch of crawling earthworms using FEM in Houdini. This is my references : https://vimeo.com/53813166

I really need have control on path of each worm. My question is that how should I add path deformation to the simulation. I have tried to add it before tetrahedralizate node, but it affects on the geometry points.


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Here is a simple example of deforming along a curve. I did not make the deforming scene, I found it floating around the forum. I exported the earthworm from Sam's scene and brought it into this deform along path example.

You'll need to come up with a way to create more curves and copies.



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I don't think FEM supports deforming input geometry at this time of Houdini 15.5. I assumed you might simply simulate a single worm moving in a straight line then deform that pseudo organic animated sequence after the simulation is complete.

Here is another attempt at deforming the worm after the fact. Using a FOREACH loop for each curve produced by Matt's wire solver you can get a number of worms moving along randomly over top one another. Increase the curve count to add more worms.



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you can import the target mesh or the rest mesh in the solid object dop node . then you have to use the targetStiffness targetDamping or pintoanimation per point attributes .

in the finite elements master class from sesi you can learn how to set-up the target mesh. 



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the worms setup with the wire solver is luuuuurrrrvely!  It might be worth using that to get your initial deformation - then pass that little lot through a fem solver to get some gravity and nice intercollision between them!

target geometry is fairly easy to do overall - i used it to get these squidgy things to move under animator control by simply animating a translating/rotating version of the geometry and using that as target.  The same for the rest geo - but you need to ensure both of these things are using the same tetrahedralised result otherwise it just tends to bork out and go weird.  also when using rest/target you need to turn up the value in the solver too otherwise it wont do a great deal - theres a stiffness and damping for your target.



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Hi Anthony,

Very nice work on your FEM animation!

I have been trying add FEM to the wire solver result, but again whenever I add the FEM it loses its animation. Still figuring out how to work with target geometry, but I couldn't get it to work. 

Also, my second question is that, I have bunch of seeds that I want them to have interaction with my worms. Something like worms are crashing and eating the seeds.  Do you think would be the best approach for that?

I have attached my file here 


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