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Mantra auto check and replace if RAT texture exists

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Mantra during rendering is always converting all non-rat textures into rat and then discarding them after the render is finished. So I am considering batch-converting all of them to rat using the iconvert tool while keeping their original name and replacing only file extension. Batch conversion of textures is not a problem, but I am curious about re-linking them in shader networks.

Arnold has an elegant solution for that - it checks if there is a .tx version of a texture and if so, it will use it and save some time. It also allows to do one-time conversion during the first use of a texture and then it will keep .tx version around inside the texture folder.
So I am humbly hoping that there is somewhere hidden feature for this behavior also in Mantra. Any experience with that?

Otherwise I can just scan all shading nodes in Houdini with python and replace texture file extensions for rat.



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Mantra, right now, has no feature like that one in Arnold... shame. as for replacing all the textures, the best is to make a setup that allows for easy replacement anytime, of course :) 

anyway, try 'opchange' in texport. it works like a search > replace for any strings in the scene so I suppose if you type something like...

opchange -T SHOP exr rat

...you should get "rat" wherever was "exr" before. -T SHOP tells it to look at the shop networks only,

check the docs for more info.



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Hi, thanks for great tips :)
I will think about the converter, but to make it easy to use for artists I guess it will be a shelf tool where you will select a folder and the tool with scan all textures and convert them.

I will check this opchange hscript command, seems to be good and easy choice for this task :)

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13 minutes ago, marty said:

It's worth running tests to see if the conversion to Rat is slowing anything down. Last time I checked EXR was just as fast.

yes. not using rats slows down everything and it eats much more memory. with a few textures you may not even notice the difference but at some point your renders will become very slow and very memory hungry. I'm talking about differences like 4h/90gb ram/frame with exrs vs. 1h/40gb ram/frame with rats. These are made up numbers but I've seen this on some texture heavy projects.

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yes. it converts the files and holds it in the memory while rendering. so not only converting alone for every frame can take quite a long time but also it can easily fill up your ram and then actual rendering runs on swap.

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that sounds like a bug then, it should convert to a rat, write that as a temp file then use that to continue rendering. There is no reason to hold the original in ram.

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this env variable is pretty useful then:




    Normally, mantra will automatically convert texture files that are not

    in .rat format to .rat format internally - which can slow down render

    startup.  To disable automatic conversion to .rat format and instead

    print out an error when textures are not in the native format, set this




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