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Glue constraint / Magnet force


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Hi Odforce,


I'm running into an issue on a destruction sim i'm currently doing and if you guys had a solution it would be perfect (i'm running a bit crazy with this...)

So basically I modeled my building, and did a basic glue constraint network to hold the structure before applying a force with metaball (i've tried popmetaball/multi solver and magnet force, doesn't solve the problem). When my magnet turns active everything explode but unfortunately some pieces get stuck mid air...

I've read every single thread i've found on the subject, I know that glue constraint needs an impact to be deleted, so I transfered color from my metaball to the glue primitive and deleted it based on that. I tried to do this method at both SOP level and in SOP solver changing the overwrite expression from $SF to $SF == 1 when needed.. None of these solutions work and I'm running out of ideas..

Scene file attached below, thanks in advance ! :)



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in your POP Metaball Force, untick Ignore Mass.

Don't ask me why cos I don't know enough to explain, I simply tried other tweaks like disable Sleeping, Reduce Padding, Create Convex Hull per Set of Connected Prims...etc....etc...however they all 'shift' their problems elsewhere rather than cleaning them up (one even instead of fixing 'stuck' geo, there are now bits of geo crazily spinning on the ground by themselves like a breakdancer high on......err......crack)

Unticking Ignore Mass seems the best solution, I found.

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