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I'm totally new in using Houdini software and I'm trying to recreate the Flat Tank Off the Shelf tutorial here. I used a boat instead. However, my boat is not colliding with the water properly and water goes through the boat. Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem and how should I go about fixing this? I have attached my .hipnc file here. I got the boat model online and I have included it in this post.






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I was playing around with your file and basically implemented what Jeff talks about in the video. In this case I created two VDB based collision colliders from the original boat source. One is used in the fluid surface network and the other is used in the whitewater network. This alternate collision object has the open part of the boat capped so the whitewater spray won't fill up the interior. There are still some issues with the interior, however.



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The bulk of the fix up is in the manual construction of a collision proxy instead of using the default setup that the shelf tool generates. The proxy is Volume Sampled, not Ray Intersect in this case. It inherits it's resolution from the VDBFromPolygons node located inside the boat node at the top level. Dive inside your original boat node and then dive inside the fix version. Also compare the changes in the StaticObject node in the flattank_sim  network. The Proxy Volume field specifies path to a collision based VDB object.


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