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Pcopen randomise interation by point


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Hi everyone,

trying to figure out how to randomise the number of iterations of a pc open in a vop node, based on a per point random

the goal is to make variation in the speed of the propagation.

I join a simple file, if somebody can help me it would be really apreciated

Thx by advance



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In your setup you can play around with the maxpoints input, but only randomizing per point gives a uniform output and hits hard to see any difference since its all gets blurred out. Hers an example where i use bias and noise to controll it somehow.

Also you should try to only iterate over as few points as possible, now you are iterating over all your points all the time and it gets slow.


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thx for your reply ThomasPara!

but  with that kind of noisy radius solution there is not a big difference in speed between slow an fast points until it's totaly blurred out... I thing the iteration approach is really the way to go

but really technical/  sophiscated...

Thx again!

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I think you can give speed variation to the propagation using a per point factor of aggregation on each iteration. That can give you faster or slow zones of accumulation, then you can use that factor to grow your instances in a more smooth way.

I hope that this helps!


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Well since im not at work ill give you an indie example file of what i was suggesting. I also added what pazuzu suggested with driving the growth with an attribute. 

There are two versions of the propagation, one where it iterates over all points, and one where it iterates over the few you realy need.

Im not going to make an solution for your problem, but try to show you how it can be done.

When it comes to the first example i gave you ,you can just unhook the bias and noise, and you have exactly what you asked for. (but this doesnt solve the speed variation, thats why i included the noise and the bias);


So now you can build on this with your ideas, you can ex use "point.distance" and adjust propagation so it allways will go the length you want.


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ok guys, thank you for quick answers!

what i need is a drastic speed variation to mimic cristal animation. I need a 20x speed factor between slow and speed "branchs"

examples you provided are based on the same setup, pcopen iterated over time...what i need is some of points iterate 20 times during a solverstep

when other iterate 1 time. I think the way to go is a pcopen setup inside a for loop or for loop until where the length of the loop is the random attribute fitted between 1 and 20

i tested it but it dosen't work , the pcopen seems to always check the same points in the loop and not progress over the point cloud...

I hope you understood what i mean !

thanks again to take time for me!



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