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In this Masterclass, at 41:00, the teacher explains that fracture parts of the object can be localy modified using an attribute. So my question is about this : how do you control what part of the object will fracture? is there a way to connect the FEM solver to a voronoi attribute or anything like that?


Thank you for your time!

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Yes! You can use the voronoi fracture node.
After you are done fracturing with voronoi, drop down the connectivity sop and rename class to "fracturepart" on prims. Done! ;)
Make sure you still use the solid embed node to convert everything to tetras.

Solid fracture is based on a random seed value based on the point position noise which isn't very controllable, as you mentioned.


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So I'm driving the fractures on my FEM object by at attribute - that that's working nicely. However, and this may be an inherent problem with FEM right now, but I'm getting enormous stretching artifacts when I have fracture enabled. It seems to appear somewhat randomly, but it may be due to the collisions and not enough substeps. I'll post a video when I'm at my workstation. Has anyone encountered this? I really am unsure how to tackle this problem without waiting days for the simulation to run through a million substeps.




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So it seems to be completely broken. FEM freaks out and stretches the tets, no matter what I do. I tried simplifying the collision geo to just a sphere, and the collisions still seemed to be causing a problem. Oh well, I guess secondary fractures won't work yet. I'll just emit particles! Which is fine, but I'm a little disappointed.

I'll post a scene when I'm back on my workstation.

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