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POP Fireworks - Color from Image


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Hey guys,

I have to create fireworks that turn into some specific shapes. Just like this:

I have an workflow idea working with colors. It goes like this:

-Simulate standard the fireworks;


-Go to a specific frame where the where the starbusrt* is fully formed;


-Apply the color at this specific frame;


-keep that specific color assigned to individual particles through the whole simulation; 


(not working)

does it make sense?

I'm having problems to achieve this last step. what I'm doing is:

-caching the simulation;

-apply the colors;

-add a timeshif to the "rest" frame (89 in this case);

-copy the color attributes from this frame (89) to the animated simulation;


I guess it happens because the particle count changes during the sim. Any idea on how to proceed?

(Scene file is attached)

Thank you,

*starburst is the round shape


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