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Zero gravity FLIP Sim

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Basically I have a 'liquid metal sphere' that floats up in zero gravity and starts to peel off using a flip solver and reveals the solid metal sphere underneath as everything peels away with a paint like viscosity.
I have it all working EXCEPT for when the FLIP sphere and collider move upwards (because of the animation i want it to look like zero gravity) it leaves a trail behind it kinda like where it starts the sim, '
I want to have it all move upowards and then the gravity starts to peel off the 'paint' from the collider sphere 
Thanks for any suggestions also attached an example file


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Inside the AutoDopNetwork there is a Static Object node. On that node enable Use Object Transform. That will cause the collider to grab any animation that is happening one level up and relay it to the solver. Also check Invert Sign. When a fluid is inside a container, the sign must be inverted.

A divergence field is added to help pressurize the volume.



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Thank you Atom!, I knew it was something I was overlooking withing those tabs. Thanks again!

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