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mantra velocity pass

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So there is no default velocity pass in mantra. At least I cant see it. I added extra image plane, the v variable, but nothing renders out.

Yeah I can colorize by velocity and render out, and this would be my veloctiy pass. But that needs additional rendering. And I dont have time to do additional renders now

Can I render out velocity as one render?

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Always seemed odd that there's no simple way to do this. It's quite tricky to handle all cases but below is what I've been doing...

// 2D motion vector output in absolute pixels, lewis@lewissaunders.com July 2018
// Paste this in an Inline Code VOP, enable "Expand Expressions in Code"
// Connect a Bind set to "vel", type Vector, to the first input
// Set Output 1 Name to "mv", type Vector
// Connect the output to a Bind Export set to the name used in Mantra's image planes
// Make sure motion blur is enabled on the ROP, even if "Allow Image Motion Blur" is not
vector ndcv = toNDC(getblurP(1.0)) - toNDC(getblurP(0.0));
string engine; renderstate("renderer:renderengine", engine);
if((engine == "raytrace" || engine == "pbrraytrace") && isbound("vel")) {
    // When rendering volumes in raytrace mode the getblurP() method doesn't work, but we do the best we can
    // It's correct for a static camera but there's no way to incorporate camera motion. For simple camera moves
    // the camera motion vectors can be added to this in comp before the blur is done... to get solid vectors
    // from a volume the density normally needs to be increased a lot anyway, and rendered as another pass, so
    // it might be better to just do that pass in micropoly mode :)
    vector p0 = getblurP(0.0);
    vector framev = vel / $FPS;
    vector camerav = vtransform("space:object", "space:camera", framev);
    ndcv = toNDC(p0 + camerav) - toNDC(p0);
vector res; renderstate("image:resolution", res);
ndcv *= set(res.x, res.y, 0.0);
\$mv = ndcv;



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updated code for H16.5

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