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Loop for all nodes


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So i need to modify file path in all file and filecache nodes.

I made python script and it works, but the problem is it works only for selected nodes. I cant find how to loop through all nodes in houdini script to find specific ones and make changes more automatically.


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Here is a little snippet from an exporter I was working on. You can just review all nodes of a certain type inside a certain network path.

def childrenOfNode(node, filter):
    # Return nodes of type matching the filter (i.e. geo etc...).
    result = []
    if node != None:
        for n in node.children():
            t = str(n.type())
            if t != None:
                for filter_item in filter:
                    if (t.find(filter_item) != -1):
                        # Filter nodes based upon passed list of strings.
                        result.append('%s~%s' % (n.name(), t))
                    result += childrenOfNode(n, filter)
    return result

# Export geo based objects as RIB archives.
node_path = '/obj'
lst_geo_objs = []
nodes = childrenOfNode(hou.node(node_path),["Object geo"]) #Other valid filters are Sop, Object, cam.
for node in nodes:
    ary = node.split("~")
    if len(ary) > 0:
        node_candidate = "%s/%s" % (node_path, ary[0])
        n = hou.node(node_candidate)
        if n !=None:
            if n.isDisplayFlagSet():
                exportAsRIB(node_candidate, export_dir)


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Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but if you want to loop over for example all file nodes in your scene you could use hou.nodeType().


import hou

# Get sopNodeType for the file SOP
file_nodes = hou.nodeType(hou.sopNodeTypeCategory(), "file")

# Loop over all instances of the sopNodeType
for node in file_nodes.instances():
    print node.parm("file").eval()


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