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Computing the Dual With VEX


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Damn three of my favorite tech wizards all commenting on muh post! :o Thanks for the kind words!!! Another thing I neglected to mention in the post is that the dual of delaunay triangle graph is a voronoi diagram, so really this can also be used as a vex method of generating voronoi diagrams. What that means for us is, assuming you run it on a mesh generated from "Triangulate 2D," you should get a voronoi diagram of the input points! Neat! 

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On 20.5.2017 at 2:13 AM, sweetdude09 said:

... the dual of delaunay triangle graph is a voronoi diagram ...

this isn't necessarily true and depends on which type of dual you are using. in case of houdins barycentric based dual for instance, it isn't true. if you wanna get voronoi cells you have to compute the circumcentric (voronoi) dual instead. in this case the dual is orthogonal to it's primal triangulation which is one of the key properties of a voronoi.



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Ah that's a very interesting distinction. After doing a bit more research it appears i need to compute the dual using the circumcenters of a deluanay triangulation in order to compute the dual. Radical, i might take a crack at that today since I have a bit of free time, will post result in a bit =)

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