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VEXpression Presets


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At long last...I've worked out the preset for this

Select Ends: (First/Last of a prim, will work on non curve too...but would probably be next to useless, try the pig :huh:)

    Ends (or First/Last)
    vertexprimindex(0, @vtxnum)%(primvertexcount(0,@primnum)-1)==0

As you can see, No, you don't need to use a for each prim loop...just a groupexpression.


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1 hour ago, anim said:

did you ever need a loop?


the way i used to do it was groupbyrange, Start 1 End 1, Invert Range, then for multi lines yes i would need to put it thru a for each prim loop or for each connected piece

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just FYI, recc by a hou.alex.get on SESI forum


Now, I'm putting file in: (so hopefully next uninstall/install i won't lose my custom presets)


(note:the entries double up so you'll have to clear out what's already the default contents and include only YOUR custom presets in there)

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Yes, definitely put your custom VEXpressions.txt in the user directory, much safer than editing the original file.  The user directory VEXpressionl.txt file will get automatically appended to the SESI version, so only add the custom expressions starting from a blank file (not a copy of the SESI version).

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