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Hi guys, is it possible to use animated contraints with Fem?

I was trying to contraints the head of the 2 tubes (image) to an rotating cube, so that both tubes are winding together like a rope.

With fem targets geo i had no luck. :-(

Is this possible?


best jack


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would it not be easier to animate this at the sop level and use that as a rest geometry?  that way you have the fem system doing its thing but effectively trying to adhere to the twisting effect in your animation?

check out @ParticleSkull videos on youtube about moving fem thing - he uses a deformer to create some wobbly noise in the fem thing... you could animate a deformer of the two tubes twisting and then pass that through to fem system

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yes i was thinking about this - but i'm not sure how to animate that in sop-level so that it looks like this: 

bend deformer does not working i think.


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Hey jackassol, check it out. I did what you said but i guess it doesn't work as expected. Anyway, you have to animate the tetrahedralized mesh (on sops) and switch ON the Rest and Target Deformation fields on the Solid Object.

You have to control the target strength in order to make it "blend" with the original animation done in sops.




You can also give a initial velocity to box tets. Just do the same thing but keep the Target and Deformation fields OFF (velocity will be added by the trail sop. I switched it off on the other example) + constraint the top points using the follow target shelf tool.



It works a bit better but nope good as well.




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