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Renderfarms renderers and plugins

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On 09/07/2017 at 1:34 AM, Alex Birdman said:


need information about renderfarm at europe.

Interested at renderer, render plugins, price, contacrts (site, phone)


I have been using Gridmarkets successfully. It works really fine and is easy to use. You just have to subscribe, download, install  and use their ROP nodes. Though, if you plan to do some simulation work : do it through their platform, before rendering. Sending the sim files through a slow internet connection is a pain, and the gain in render time will be lost by the time of uploading the files. So be organized and prepare your files so that you can sim in the cloud, and then render. If you retime simulations, be also very careful : you cannot launch all the jobs simultaneously (sims and rendering). They explain all of that very well and they have a very reactive forum and customer support. 

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Used FoxRenderfarm a while ago: http://www.foxrenderfarm.com/

They are one of the few who support Houdini and GPU rendering with Redshift. Not Europe though - China/Shenzen
No plugin for Houdini, only Max/Maya.

Wrote down some of my experiences here:

They are actually looking for feedback and took even my critique very positive.



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