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Need help refining sim-gusts of wind


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I'm mostly there in getting a sim the way I want. In the end there will be rose petals being bown off a statue by gentle gusts of wind.

In the attached gif you can see I do have some randomness in how the 'petals' are coming off the statue. I am using a POP Force in my DOP network bullet solver.

But the global intensity of the force is a little bit too consistent, unlike in real life when you have small intermittent and localized gusts.

Not sure how to approach solving this as there are 2 main issues

1- More randomization in the time domain

2- More 'localized' gusts



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Check out these links on force masking.




For the best wind you need to hand keyframe force values. Or maybe route a complex waveform from CHOPs instead.

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