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Pyro + RBD Packed, How collision works?

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Hey guys, pls help me understand what's going on here:

Check it out, on the RBD Packed node I can only use Bullet collisions (there's no other option in there) and it looks like the Pyro solver is using something else, like a volume collision. 

In this gif the RBD uses Sphere as collision representation and it's working perfectly fine, colliding with the original box shape:


the proof:


and the options avaliable:



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bit lost here Alvaro are you looking to solve a problem or noted that its working with collison on the pyro?  I think its happy to work with packed and bullet proxys but for more accurate stuff needs to be unpacked esp if you want the pyro to have an effect on the rigid bodys?

someone correct me if i'm off pls

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I don't think pyro collide with bullet objects

The collision you're seeing there is from the automatically created volume from the object

Go to the smoke object and check the collision visualization, that's the actual collision the pyro is working with. In your file you'll see that it's completely different from the bullet collision 

I'm not 100% sure where exactly it creates the volume for the collision in this case. I think the rbdsolver defaults to the volume collision in this case? Not sure. But if you try the vanilla bullet solver, the collision doesn't happen at all 

There's a very convenient node called collision source that automatically creates a collision volume for you

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